Meet The Staff

Vickie Woolbright– Front Desk
Vickie has over 40 years in dentistry. She has worked in General Dentistry as well as Pediatrics and Orthodontics.  Vickie has a wealth of clinical as well as administrative knowledge. Her experience helps our dental family members navigate the very difficult and complex insurance world. 

When Vickie is not at work she enjoys family time with her Husband,  two daughters and 3 grandchildren. She and her husband enjoy taking cruises and visiting ports of call around the globe. 

Stephen Cox– Hygienist
Stephen is  2017 Graduate of the University of Louisville School of Dentistry Hygiene program. He earned his first degree in 

Michelle Charles– Lead Assistant
Michelle was one my first dental patients when I started my practice in 1991. Not necessarily one of my most behaved patients I might say to which she and I can joke about to this day. In spite of that, when she completed High School my husband and I offered to train her as dental assistant. Michelle quickly developed her 4 handed dentistry skills as a “lefty”. Michelle is one of the best assistants I have had the privilege to work along side of. You will always know when Michelle in the office because of high energy. 

Michelle enjoys spending time with Her husband and two children , Dylan and Kaylee. They spend most of their time out of doors camping and hunting. 

Payton Woolbridge– Assistant

Miss Payton came to us as dental extern from ATA college. She to developed her 4 hand dental assisting skills and became such an interagal 

Regan Clark– Assistant and Dental Student

Ty Avila – ATA Assistant Extern

I can say with great certainty you will not find any other group of dental professionals that are committed to taking care of you in the most professional compassionate manner. Of us are here to serve you in any way possible.