Crowns & Bridges

Dental patients of the past dealt with limited choices when it came to issues that significantly interfered with the appearance and functionality of their teeth. However, thanks to modern medical technology, having a beautiful smile is easier than ever these days. Even if you’ve got badly stained, chipped, or even missing teeth, there’s a restorative dentistry option that’s right for you. Here’s what you need to know about crowns and bridges:


Crowns are used to encase and cover the entire tooth and are usually used in situations where the tooth is so badly stained that standard whitening procedures have little to no effect or when the tooth is so badly damaged that it needs the protection of the crown to stay in place. Crowns are usually made of porcelain or ceramic compote and can be made to match the shade of the surrounding natural teeth in the patient’s mouth.

Dental Bridges

If you’re missing one or more teeth, your dentist may recommend having a dental bridge made. Not only do gaps present an unsightly appearance, but they also get in the way of being able to chew your food properly. If allowed to exist for a long period of time, there’s also the chance that they’ll result in unwanted changes to the structure of your face.

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